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Our Story

In the summer of 2010, we were just finishing up a family vacation on a cruise around the Hawaiian islands. Sitting on our balcony on the last day of the cruise, we were sailing away from Kauai and admiring its beauty when a rainbow appeared. Erin saw this and said "we are going to come & live on Kauai someday!" Kevin thought Erin was kidding and was not very optimistic that this would ever happen. At that time we were living in Greensboro, North Carolina and had been life-long "east coasters". Several years passed and we continued to visit Kauai and the magical feel grew stronger with each visit.

So, in early 2013, we decided we were ready for a change (Kevin had been in the military and then worked for large corporations for most of his career). We wanted to try our hand at a small business but needed the right opportunity to do so. One day, Kevin was searching Craigslist for small businesses for sale on Kauai and there it was--Popo's Cookies was up for sale! Kevin made a trip over to Kauai to talk with the owner, learn about the business, and see if it was a fit for us. He returned to North Carolina with a lot of information but unfortunately the timing just wasn't right.

Fast forward several months later to Memorial Day weekend, 2013. We were outside in our backyard grilling and enjoying time with our family who was visiting. We shared with them about our "crazy idea of moving to Kauai" (we really didn't tell many people about our dream). Erin just happened to check her emails about 20 minutes after this family discussion and there was an email from Kauai--POPO'S COOKIES was still up for sale! We didn't have to think twice this time--we bought the business, Kevin quit his job, we sold our house in 10 days, had numerous garage sales, packed a few things and headed west to Kauai!

That was in the Fall of 2013 and we are so happy that we took a "leap of faith" to get to Kauai. We are so proud to be the owners of Popo's Cookies and to continue the tradition of baking quality handmade cookies using all of the original recipes. We love Kauai and we feel that the embrace has been mutual. Mahalo nui loa, Kauai!   

Mahalo for your support!
Erin and Kevin

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